A new website and blog for info regarding Scientific Injection Molding

This new website and blog start  with the objective of provide to technical people involved in the injection molding process information and tools for consulting , training , regarding Scientific Injection Molding .

For what objectives? Productivity  and  Scientific Injection  Molding Tools

Improve the process productivity and  SC Molding Tools knowledge in order to domain it , set and define consistent and productive process that increase the profitability and reduce cost in the molding facilites  .

Scientific Injection Molding ..What is?

The SCIENTIFIC INJECTION MOLDING , is a systematic application of scientific methodology and tools  used in injection molding

Initially the term Scientific Injection Molding and its methods were developed in USA back in the years 2005-2006.The objective was to develop concepts to help better understand the complex process of transformation of plastics by injection molding  wich is  affected for  many variables to finally define more robust, consistent  and productive processes.

It is a methodology supported by different kind of  tests and tools  for  analyze the process   at the machine and  for defining  robust processes of  plastic injection molding

Based on two pillars.

On the one hand a cultural change, step empirical approach to scientific method and moreover the  implementation of Scientific Injection Molding tools that this methodology propose

This methodology allows us to define more productive and profitable processes with greater repeatability during production and between batches

Allows technicians in daily contact with processes, improve  them and get the most perfomance of machines, molds and material



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